The Full Story


Hi everyone!

Jimi-So was founded in 27 March. 2022, from my passion

이니스프리 공식 웹사이트 - 이니스프리 _ innisfree (2).jfif
이니스프리 공식 웹사이트 - 이니스프리 _ innisfree (2).jfif

Mission and Vision

  Jimi-so was born out of a passion . When I discover the Korean products I was overwhelmed by the vast number of products, brands and the ingredients and how they are make for what you need. I didn`t have idea with what to start and what I need to use for my problems and my skin type.

 I speed a lots of money on the products which don`t was good for my skin type.

My skin type is sensitive with damage barrier, and now I am still trying to find the best products for me.


I want to give to my customers the best and smoothest possible experience into Korean skincare.

We do this by shearing tips , recommendations and building skincare routines for you.  To find the right products for you and for your skin type.

I am sure all of us want that Korean glass skin, I can help you with this, to find together the products which are suitable for you and what you need.

If you are new in skincare space, our best advice is to start small with a bigger goal in mind. Lets to find together!

About the products

All our products are directly form Korea where product authenticity is guaranteed.

We deliver from United Kingdom.